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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University

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In college, the teachers have helped me develop my professional skills and design abilities. In addition, I really appreciate the support and advice that my teachers have given me during those years.  They are very helpful.  I am extremely pleased with the experience of studying at Chang Gung University.

I have high ambitions to attain my goal. Chang Gung University’s MA program not only provided me with advanced academic training, but also gave me an all rounded perspective for my own personal development. Chang Gung University is located in peaceful and tranquil surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.  I was very fortunate to study in this environment.  Its bountiful resources nurture me and enable me to discover my self value.

ID2006 Mei-Ching Huang [ 2011-08-01 ]

I have spent the last eight years studying and working at the Chang Gung University. Looking back, I have transformed from being a student to now working here.  These eight years have given me a perfect opportunity to observe this environment and appreciate the hard work that everyone here has put in.  I must admit that I am so much inspired by the university founder Mr. Wang Yung-ching’s educational philosophy, "Always aim for the best”.

ID2008 Yi-Hsien Lin [ 2011-08-01 ]

The four years in the Department of Industrial Design, CGU is the highlight of my student life. What I have learned here is so valuable and helpful to my career.  Chang Gung University provides an education that adds value to me as a person, and gives me the confidence and knowledge for my future career.