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Chang Gung University and Taiwan Institute of Kansei (TIK) welcome your participation in 2015 International Conference on Kansei Engineering (ICKE 2015). We are excited to invite you to join us and share your current work this December!
Kansei Engineering (KE) is originally proposed by Dr. Mituo Nagamachi. KE uses systematic methods to transform the affective/emotional responses to design and engineering specification. The products/ services developed with such approach are expected to invoke the corresponding affective responses. KE quickly populated the design community for its emphasis on users’ intangible and emotional experiences when interacting with a product/ service. KE has been, and, still is a highly-regarded topic in the design field.
During this conference we will explore the theory and practice of KE research with science, technology and the arts. This theme of SENSIBILITY and RATIONALITY provides opportunities to explore KE research between cross-disciplinary knowledge and various design research approaches. ICKE 2015 aims to establish trans-disciplinary research platforms across diverse domains to foster new research and education opportunities and stimulate innovation.
The conference provides a great platform for presentation and discussion of the SENSIBILITY and RATIONALITY of KE research and applications across all domains of design, science, technology and arts.
2008/05/172008 中華民國設計學會第 13 屆學術研討會
Global Chinese Industrial Design Conference 2005
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