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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University






2017 Taiwan-Korea Student Design Workshop
"Design for Life Experience and Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)"
Workshop in Taiwan (2017/10/14-17)
Workshop in Korea (2017/12/10-13)
Workshop 25-27 NOV. 2013:
Professor Yong Se Kim
Subject: : Experience value based service design for product-service systems
Workshop Activities:Team-Based Project Design
Workshop 27-29 June 2013:
Professor Yong Se Kim
Chair, Creative Design Institute, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Subject: Experience value based service design for product-service systems
Workshop Activities: Team-Based Small Project Design

Forum 12/18 13:00-17:00
Design for social service design - Dr. Ching-Chiuan Yen
UX-Based Innovative Design Process - Dr. Hsien-Hui Tang

Workshop 12/17-12/19
Topic: Design language
Instructor: Dr. Ching-Chiuan Yen

Design Workshop: 2011/12/29-2012/01/02
Emotional addressing

Lecture: 2011/12/29 (Thu) 13:30 7F Ladder meeting room
The Development of Singapore Design and its Education 

Dr. Yen, Ching-Chiuan
Head, Division of Industrial Design
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore

DuPont x Media+Visual Communication Workshop 2011
date:10/31 ~ 11/04

The Young Designers Workshop (YDW) is hosted at CGUID by TDC and the Government of Taiwan during 17-21 October 2011. YDW is a parallel event to the 2011 IDA Congress.

Links: YDW Official Page  Workshop Site

Date:   4/21-24, 2009
Speaker:   Onizou
Title:   Onizou: The Idea Nomads Workshop
Date:   12/13, 2007
Speaker:   Professor Hassan Abdalla & Professor David Liang
Title:   A User-Oriented Innovative Design Seminar


Date:   11/08, 2006
Speaker:   Bill Moggridge
Title:   Innovation Design and Designing Interaction


Date:   05/27-28, 2005
Speaker:   Prof. John S. Gero
Title:   The Future of Design Computing and Design Cognition workshop