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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Tun-Wei Liang, Ni-Feng Liu: 29º

29º Bucket & broom
Buckets usually have bigger calibers than waste bins, which result in dumping the waste out of the bin. Changing the usability, use the larger opening to sweep in the waste, then the smaller one behind it to dump. The side back and floor ‘s degree is 29º. By this, you can collect and dump the waste easily. And the broom is 90º. You won’t miss any little bit trash on the floor.

29º Tissue holder
The shape of the holder is Triangle; solve the problem that people waste tissue without Conscious. Reverse the direct of tearing the tissue. The Serrated side between horizon is 29º. It is more convenient to tear the tissue.

29º Cleanser
The top of the bottle is 29º. It differs from other bottles on its bottom. By changing the bottom from flat to a shape of funnel, Cleanser could be easily gathered and totally used up. Without putting the bottle upside down, the last drop of the cleanser could be used.
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