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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Media and Communication Design (1) (2)

Credits: 10

Type: Required Course 

Introduction: The MVC major course direction in the third year will promote the fusion of ‘contemporary fine art’ practice with the power of ‘new media’.  We wish to offer students the opportunity and challenge of investigating the diversity of art and artifacts we make, and in short, 3rd year study seeks to determine and challenge the boundaries of ‘art’ applications in their broadest sense and traditional notions of design and designers.

There is a strong interplay between concept, process and realisation and to accommodate students’ potentially diverse range of interests, backgrounds and ambitions, third year tutors should be ambitious practitioners from diverse backgrounds who are well-versed in utilising group interaction as a teaching and learning strategy, and apply these principles to teaching.

The application of a wide variety of techniques and practical skills through drawing, painting, sculpture, model making and construction should be balanced with the development of perceptual and conceptual skills, which enable students to develop their own path of inquiry.  These traditional skills should be complimented by working with IT and lens-based media and as well as time-honoured working methods.
Critical theory, of all kinds, will be included as a dynamic and integral aspect of practice, and additional supporting classes will cover media arts, or graphic ‘moving image’, which covers any screen based design that moves with an intended purpose to inform and communicate.

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