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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Senior Design Project (1) (2)

Credits: 12

Type: Required Course 

Introduction: This course envisages the application of self-authored  ‘New Wave’ creative aesthethics.  The term ‘Visual Communication’ has its roots in the ‘Commercial Art’ and ‘Graphic Art’ of the 19th and early 20th centuries, where in the aftermath of World War II,  designers began experimenting with new visual languages and embraced the potential of technological developments made by the printing trades.  By the 1960s ‘Visual Communication’, or ‘Graphic Design’ as it was formerly known, became a recognisable  discipline.  Today Visual Communication represents something much broader, complex and influential.  The term defines a new, creative intelligence that introduces a  wider-ranging, intellectual and artistic approach to what had been, essentially, a trade occupation.  A culture of inventive, visually innovative and often radical practice that frequently changes the nature of our visual environment.  What is Visual Communication today? An imprecise, ever-changing and creative discipline applied broadly to every area of life, business and culture.

The course contents are both analytical and diagnostic; emphasis is placed on problems and solutions; thus enabling students to simultaneously develop, focus and refine their creativity and chosen specialities. The curriculum is delivered through carefully mentored tutorials, interrelated areas of study, project work and lectures, working towards the goal of executing a carefully planned and guided final project realised in collaboration with industry and which can act as a springboard to a successful career.

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