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社會關懷實作 (1)(2)

學分: 4

類型: 必修 

課程介紹: This course is composed of three learning sections which include team organization, field work and group discussion. Any social service involving complex subject issues such as individual person, environment and the context of problems, therefore, it is crucial to factor all issues into a well concern plan. The first stage of this course is to organize team members to response to a service plan according to the course briefing. Following by the actual field work, team members have to visit the target group and to work on with actual social issues. During the field work, any unpredicted issue should be recorded and discussed in the following stage. The group discussion will allow team members to modify the original plan as well as the main aim in order to improve the service quality for the next visit. And finally, each team member needs to submit an individual report. Team effort and individual effort will be carefully considered during evaluations.

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