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學分: 2

類型: 必修 

課程介紹: The toy racing car project, using clean energy (either by rubber bands or solar power), aims to introduce simple hand tools and machinery processes to construct wood material into a toy car. During the project, basic wood material treatments and relevant working tools are introduced stage by stage in the workshop. Apart from the functional requirement, students need to further develop the creative idea for their own works. The second project – recycling an old chair is to further develop wood work skill in the furniture domain which involving functional and sizing considerations. Students need to prepare an old chair (or a broken chair) before the course. And the aim of this project requires to repair, to replace and to create necessary parts of the chair. Necessary wood work skills will be instructed on sight accordingly. The pottery project, using clay as working material, is to encourage students shaping freely with their own imagination. However, apart from experiencing and exploring different materials, the final result should be relevant to the aim of this project – a vase.

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