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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Culture Interface

Credits: 3

Type: Elective Course 

Introduction:The contents of this course are: Industrial designers identify the unknown needs and desires of the consumer, giving form to these emotions in new products and services. It is not so much about problem solving more about identifying ways for the individual to exist within a society which increasingly puts technological advances ahead of human needs. The roles and responsibilities of the designer are being redefined, anticipating the rapid social and economic change of contemporary post-industrial society. Commercial, cultural and technological developments require designers to be flexible, imaginative and innovative. Alongside this the development time for products is becoming shorter, requiring the industrial designer to have managerial as well as engineering and design skills. What is needed is a conviction by designers to take on strategic roles within the design industry evolving future policy, orchestrating change into the next century. To help in this process of evolution this course encourages students to develop analytical and critical skills through flexible lectures, seminars and design projects. It is hoped the design work and arguments presented will encourage debate amongst the individual and the design; questioning preconceptions and challenging banality.

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