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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Product Design Engineering

Credits: 3

Type: Elective Course 

Introduction:It is always the case that students' design works are often treated as non-commercial value blue sky ideas, due to the lack of practical design experiences as well as related design engineering knowledge in any product design learning process. Hence, this course has been designed based on the concept in developing commercial products, emphasizing the true design value and the engineering possibility of any design idea. The course is based on a number of practical product design cases linking various of learning stages such as design idea development, product engineering and CAID in order to achieve a complete product developing process. The difference between this course and product design courses is the emphasizing in developing design possibilities as well as design engineering, in contrast of developing the idea originality in product design courses. Basic product design, CAID and model making are basic skill requirement for this course.

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