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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Marketing Management

Credits: 3

Type: Elective Course  

Introduction:Different from Biz school, this course is emphasized on the role of design and value created in the competitive market place nowadays. In the class, We start from understanding the consumer, the strategies, position setup, and the important following elements: Marketing 4P. After the basics, the 3 key chapters: the branding, service design, and business model planning will be the main course to the students. Teacher will guide students in each case studies after every lectures to shape the basic knowhow’s into a tangible values. Also, The ending course: social and environment design is an potential field for the future pro-designers. The course is demanding to help students not only be a drawings provider but a creative drivener in business, by applying the design creative thinking, when you sale a product or service, writing a business proposal, and influencing people in other biz and social sectors. To keep the quality of your deliveries, such as the home works, interaction with team members, pre-studies and term projects, students should be above the sophomore in ID, GD or other related fields in design.

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