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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Visual Interface Design

Credits: 3

Type: Elective Course  

Introduction:This course is composed of three project sections which include lectures, case studies and seminars. The first project is based on understanding the meaning of images in relation to how people understand visual images and how do we perceive through different media. The project focus is to create the same visual image through digital and analog methods. The second project is focused on another role of images – communication. The skin project aims to alter the original object with a new look. Through superimposing photo or video images, will this new look change our understanding of the existing object. The conversation of the new visual skin and the object meaning could refresh our creative mind. The final project is to return to the fundamental aspect of visual images – functionality. The usefulness and the purpose of why we creating those visual images are frequently questioned when creativities are hitting the wrong target. To be able to design something new is great, to design something useful is even better.

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