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學分: 3

類型: 選修 

課程介紹:This course will help you to answer the following kinds of question: 1. Why are some devices easier to use than others? 2. Why do people have difficulty using some software packages and not others? 3. How can paper prototypes help improve the proposed design? 4. When is it appropriate to use menus and when is it better to use a dialogue box? 5. As a user, how can I get involved in the re-design of a new information system at work? 6. How and why should I find out more about the users of a software system I’m building? 7. Are there other input devices available, besides the mouse and keyboard? 8. What problems might people with disabilities face when using a software application and how can designs be improved to avoid these problems? 9. What issues should you consider if you wish to design a multimedia system to appeal to people from a different country?

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