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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University


Hiroki Nishino

Assistant Professor
Ph.D in Integrative Sciences and Engineering, National university of Singapore, SG
programming language design for creative-coding, computer music, digital arts, human-computer interaction.
+886-3-2118800 # 5669




1. Special Recognitions for Reviewing - ACM SIGCHI 2015

The “Special Recognition” received. “The Chairs and Associate Chairs for CHI Papers have the option of granting a limited number of "special recognitions" to those who do one or more exceptional reviews” (from the SIGCHI review system website; not open to public).

2. Selection - The ACM SPLASH Student Research Competition 2012

Mostly-strongly-timed programming

3. Best Paper Nominee - The Sound and Music Computing Conference 2012

LCSynth: A Strongly-timed Synthesis Language that Integrates Objects and Manipulations for Microsounds

4. The third place place - The ACM SPLASH Student Research Competition 2011

Misfits in Abstractions: Toward User-centered Design in Domain-specific Languages for End-user Programming

5. MITOH Super Creator - Information Processing Promotion Agency, Japan: The MITOH Program 2010

“The MITOH Program aims to discover and develop outstanding human resources called Super Creators.

Specifically, these are persons possessing creative ideas and skills for achieving software innovation

and who can put these ideas and skills to use”. http://www.ipa.go.jp/english/humandev/third.html

6. Selection - The ACM SIGGRAPH Student Research Competition 2010

A Shape-free Designable 6DoF Marker Tracking Method

7. Selection - The ACM SIGPLAN/PLDI Student Research Competition 2008

MiniSynth: Yet-another Domain-specific Computer Music Sound Synthesis Language

8. Selection - The ACM SIGGRAPH Student Research Competition 2007

DXRenderFarm: Xgrid-based renderfarm for Maya Awards

9. The 1st Leonardo Art/Science Student Contest, 2008

Oberhausen Requiem- Winner

10. Digital Content Award, Asiagraph 2008

Tre Marie- Prize in Performance Art Section

11. Digital Content Award, Asiagraph 2008

Oberhausen Requiem- Prize in Performance Art Section

12. Digital Content Award, Asiagraph 2008

Seattle Noise and Pulse Study- Prize in Electronic Music Section

13. Digital Content Award, Asiagraph 2008

Minimalism X- Prize in Electronic Music Section

14. The Contemporary Computer Music Concert (CCMC) 2008

L’Atelier de Creation Sonore et Musicale 116 (ACSM 116), The Chief Jury: Dennis Dufour

Self-Portrait of My Life- The Motus Prize

15. The Mono@Gasometer Competition

DEGEM (Deutche Gesellschaft Fur Elektroakustische Musik), 2007

Oberhausen Requiem- Winner



1. H. Nishino & R. Nakatsu, Computer Music Languages and Systems: The Synergy between Technology

and Creativity

The Handbook of Digital Games and Entertainment Technologies, Springer, 2015 Dec.



1. H. Nishino, N. Osaka & R. Nakatsu,The Microsound Synthesis Framework in the LC Computer Music Programming Language Computer Music Journal Vol. 39, No. 4, The MIT Press, 2015 Winter.

2. H. Nishino & R. Nakatsu,Performing STFT and ISTFT in the Microsound Synthesis Framework of the LC Computer Music Programming Language

Journal of Information Processing, Vol. 57, No.5, Special issue Extensions and Advances in Music Information Processing. Information Processing Society of Japan, 2016 Feb.

3. H. Nishino, TopoloSurface: A 2D Fiducial Tracking System based on Topological Region Adjacency and Angle Information

Journal of Information Processing, Vol 51, No.2, Special Issue for Interaction Technique. Information Processing Society of Japan, 2010 Jun.



1. The ACM SIGCHI Conference 2014-2016

2. The ACM SIGCHI Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC) 2016

3. The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2016

4. The International Conference for New Interface for Musical Expression (NIME) 2016

5. The NordiChi Conference 2016

6. The ACM Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI) 2015

7. The Japanese Society for Sonic Arts 2014



DXRenderFarm (discontinued) - A Xgrid-based Render Farm Software for AutoDesk Maya

  • Designed and Developed the web-based render farm software for distributed rendering in multiuser environment.



Gagaku (Japanese Court Music/Ritual Music) Japan

Ryuteki (Gagaku flute) 1997 Dec – present

Studied Ryuteki with Ms.Naoko Miayamaru

Studied Ryuteki and Gagaku ensemble with Master Sukeyasu Shiba

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