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The D/sign Lounge is a lab with a difference - the word ‘research’ is interpreted in its broadest sense and is considered to be a set of activities that seek to break the boundaries of current thinking – from both a theoretical and applied angle. We are the point where design, research and 'nature' intersect.

As The Media+Communication Design’s flagship lab, we are firmly rooted in design education. Our activities are wide-ranging and projects conducted by us vary from NSC Taiwan Government suppported research to education and industry collaborations with FPG (Formosa Plastic Group) and Beso shoes, to name a few. We have won several awards including 2009 International VMSD Merit Award, 2009 Most Honourable Award:Taipei Culture and Creativity Promotional Merchandise Competition, National Taiwan Craft Research Award 2006 and Ju Ming Museum Arts Corridor Prize:2006.

Our core specialties are branding, brand identity, pure graphic design, printmaking and textiles. However, because of our unique skill set and research interests we engage in exploratory projects such as our current venture into Scenario Design. Trying to imagine the future, this integrated NSC Innovative Concept Design Program explores the potential for transforming ‘soft’ into ‘hard’, and through the process incorporate and engage in materials’ exploration and future solutions. By looking at our topic from a human perspective, we aim to create business focused, high-tech and innovative solutions and apply material technological advancements to everyday products to develop creative suggestions for existing and new markets.


Director:   Eleanor-Jayne Browne
Tel:   +886-3-211-8800 # 3439

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