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The aim of Pleasurable Product Design Lab (PPDL) tends to focus on both design research and design practicing towards pleasurable products. PPDL basically is a teaching and learning based lab. In which we run a workshop as a strategy to develop relative issues, theories, concepts and finally products. The scope of design research covers some major issues. Firstly, what is consumers’ pleasure? Secondly, what are the attributes and characteristics of pleasurable products? Thirdly, can Aesthetic, Bionic, cultural and novelty product affect consumers’ pleasures? How do they work and how to test them? Fourthly, how to measure pleasure? Fifthly, how to develop a pleasurable product? In terms of design practicing, we aim to develop a pleasurable products model, which can help designers to create pleasurable product affective and efficient. In general, we hope that our results can bridge the gap between design research and practicing.

主持人:   吳田瑜 Tyan-Yu Wu
電話:   +886-3-2118800 ext. 5747
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