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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Contemporary Design Ideas

Credits: 3

Type: Other Elective

Introduction: This course covers a range of different disciplines that relate to viewpoints about design ideas, including the history of art, typology, sociology, the history of technlogy, besiness activities, and cognitive psychology. In addition to those that must be discarded due to lack of time, some outdated, occasional, and immature design ideas are not included in this course; however, some that target contemporary ills that are temporary yet have a clear-cut stand, or those design philosophy that derives from serious self-examination are worth introducing. Secondly, this course focuses on reviewing how design ideas came into being from the context of social and political economic histories, in an attempt to prevent students from receiving fragmented, loose knowledge. And also, based on such content, all sorts of thoughts and opinions about design could have the chance to have further discussion and debate.

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