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Department of Industrial Design, College of Management, Chang Gung University





Guilded Readings on Classical Research Papers (1)(2)

Credits: 1

Type:Reguired Courses

Introduction: The thesis guided reading provides participants for how through studying the others more high-quality research articles to learn researchable thinking and compose good essays. Course put emphasis on the paper choice, reading, comment and the new research recruits how to stand at the existing research to develop a more deeply studying thinking. The course will gives instructions in research thesis writing, forward discussion and exercises practice according to the course aims. Each one take this lesson has to find two international periodical papers for reading and make an oral report in the classroom. Read article topic must relate with design research or oneself interested scope. Besides, the classmates have to search a related research topic that come from reading articles and create a new paper. There are two paper check points in the mid-term and final week for oral presentation.

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