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About Us


Established in 1993, theDepartment of Industrial Design is one of the three earliest founded departments under the College of Management. Major milestones include:

  • 1993 Established ID (Industrial Design) Department.
  • 1994 Began to recruit 34 BA (Bachelor of Arts) students.
  • 2001 Established Design Institute and recruited 15 MA (Master of Arts) students.
  • 2006 BA program was divided into two streams: “Product Design” and “Media and Visual Communication Design”.  Each stream recruited 25 students.

Features and Goals

Students will learn and acquire innovative design ideas and skills. They will learn to incorporate corporate social responsibility into their work. We also train students to analyze, create, and design products to increase product value and quality.
The educational goals of this department are to prepare our students to become professional designers or researchers with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Graduates of this department will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of product design to work in the industry. Or if they are interested in doing research, they can also pursue graduate studies in a relevant field.

Faculty and Research

The department promotes the exchange of culture, ideas, pragmatics from industrial design professionals worldwide. Through the Design Workshops we host, our students have the privilege to meet other industrial-design-major students and guests from overseas. These activities give our students as well as our academic staffs new ideas in their research and studies, and some of these ideas even end up becoming great topics for case studies with some leading companies.
Our faculty members participate actively in the following research:
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Emotional Design and Virtual Cognition
  • User-Center Product Design
  • Design, History & Humanism
  • Digital Media
  • Industrial Design Education


To facilitate students’ learning, we use a range of innovative approaches, such as apprenticeship, design procedure exercise, and problem-solving training. Professors and students are encouraged to investigate practices on industrial design. We will also further investigate different aspects of technology, art, culture, and welfare the may be used in the future. The department also takes the initiative to actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other first class design organizations overseas.


The department has well-equipped laboratories, practicum factory, and study rooms. These facilities are to provide students with an realistic learning environment for practical design study and research. To keep up with the trend of industrial design, the department will continually upgrade its facilities and equipment required for teaching, research and practice activities.