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Liao Junwei

Liao Junwei The 14th Outstanding Alumni (Department of Engineering Design completed in 1993)

Current position: Founder of PAPERSELF brand in London, Manager of Taiwan Ou Yadi International Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Outstanding deeds and contributions

Manager Liao has a keenness in the fashion market, uses the foundation of industrial design, promotes the Chinese paper-cut culture, integrates and upgrades the traditional paper industry, invents the paper-cut eyelash structure, and obtains invention patents in 16 countries. Successfully entered the Hollywood market and launched joint products with internationally renowned museums Vicrtoria&Albert Museum in Britain and Metropolitan Museum in New York, leading the creation of paper-cut eyelashes. In cooperation with the cosmetics L’Oréal Group, Shu Uemura jointly launched limited paper eyelashes and actively recommended Chang Gung University, including Vogue and other media, which greatly helped the school’s international marketing.

The 14th Outstanding Alumni Selection. After being selected by the selection committee, 5 alumni (in order of name strokes), including Li Kunmu, Guo Changfu, Zhang Tingdong, Chen Xiuzhi, and Liao Junwei, won this honor. It is planned to be announced at the graduation ceremony of this academic year (June 5) praise.

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