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Education & Research


Since its establishment in 1994, the department has been operating in the direction of developing small and beautiful departments with key characteristics. The purpose of the department is to cultivate independent, independent, and contribute to the country and society and have an international outlook. The purpose of the department is toward "medical design" and " "Cross-field innovation and entrepreneurship" will develop in two key directions.


Combination of theory and practice: cultivating students with both professional design and research capabilities, and correct professional ethics and ethics, and focus on the summer internship system to gain practical experience. Improve the design and development profession: familiar with modern design methods and technologies. International and humanistic: With humanistic and artistic literacy, the ability to communicate with global design, encourage students to actively participate in international competitions. Welfare: Have a mind to care for the country, society or the crowd. Future-looking: With an open mind, thinking about the direction of business management and product development.


Human-centered care, cross-field innovation, advanced technology application, international outlook, artistic cultivation, research focus, research areas covering human factors, sensibility, blessings, and innovative product design and integrated development. The main axis of development is "medical design" and "Cross-field innovation and entrepreneurship".


The total area of the department’s current space is about 6,473 square meters (1,958 pings), which can be divided into two parts according to the use function, including the administrative and research areas of the department. It is located on the 6th floor of the management building and is mainly used for department administration and research. The classrooms and research institutes, as well as the teaching area, are located on the first basement floor of the management building. It is mainly used for teaching in the university department. It contains professional classrooms (STUDIO) for each grade and various studios (such as metalworking, woodworking, plastics, gypsum , Painting, model, etc.).