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"ADMISSIONS" Chang Gung University Industrial Design Master's Examination Enrollment in 110 academic yea

In the 110th academic year, students are welcome to apply for the master's exam in the Department of Industrial Design of Chang Gung University.
The Department of Industrial Design of Chang Gung University takes the cultivation of professional designers and design research talents with humanistic care, cross-field innovation, forward-looking technology application, artistic cultivation and international perspectives as the main goal, emphasizes design innovation and focuses on "medical design" and "cross-fields" "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" develop in two major directions.
1. Emphasize creative thinking and artificial intelligence, design strategy, cross-field innovative design and application, and design leadership and other abilities and qualities. Cultivate students' ability to use design for product, service, corporate and social innovation.
2. The faculty's expertise covers multiple fields, and actively cooperates in cross-field learning, design and research with the school of medicine, engineering and management school.
3. Cooperate with relevant professional courses and actively cooperate with various medical and industrial institutions to conduct academic research and product design and development practices.
4. Actively cooperate with foreign schools and institutions to provide relevant courses, workshops or overseas internship opportunities.

Registration Information

Enrollment quota: 3
Online registration date: January 20, 2021 ~ February 19, 2021
Registration URL:https://recruit2.cgu.edu.tw/p/404-1041-79086.php?Lang=zh-tw
Application brochure:https://recruit2.cgu.edu.tw/p/406-1041-79555,r792.php?Lang=zh-tw

(For details, please refer to the admissions website)

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